To us this looks like helping provide food, clothing and shelter and to do it in a way that allows customers, staff, volunteers and donors to maintain a strong sense of dignity and respect for each other.

The existence of our organization is intertwined with many other agencies in the community. These partnerships allow us to create a special space that is full of caring, nurturing people who are working towards meeting the needs of others.

This is a crisis like you have never seen. We are counting on you to help make a difference.

Let's do something amazing together.

Not sure what to do? No problem.

You could donate monthly, donate some of your stocks or you could organize a massive Eastside food drive at your workplace, church, sports team, school or volunteer organization. You could get the word out. If giving the gift of money is what works best for you, we would appreciate your tax deductible donation here.

The Issaquah Food and Clothing Bank is committed to ending hunger in our community. We cannot do it alone. We are counting on every person in the community to make that commitment with us. It will look different for everyone. It could mean coming into our building and asking for help to feed your family. It could mean signing up to volunteer. It could mean donating food or clothing. It could also mean writing a check. Whatever ending hunger looks like to you - join us!

Even your smallest gift makes a big difference, whether time, money or just word of mouth.

If enough people do something, anything, big or small, our neighbors won’t go to bed hungry.


There are families in Issaquah that are struggling to put food on their tables. We serve the following zip codes in our Food Bank: 98027, 98029, 98075 and 98059.

Perishables from grocery outlets are a big part of what we do.  We are doing our best to keep useful food from being wasted, and people from going hungry. Even when the food is free, it still costs energy, fuel, hours to collect, prepare and distribute the food.

Clothing Bank

Our customers need the same items that you need at home: clothing, household items, bedding and more. We serve the follow zip codes in our Clothing Bank: 98027, 98029, 98075, 98055-59, 98050, 98038, 98024, 98025, 98014, 98045 and 98065.

Please bring us the baby clothes your kids have outgrown, or the adult clothes that are taking up room in your closet.

We are also in need of sheets and blankets, lamps, dishes and cookware- things that help folks get through a crisis.


Food and clothing are just part of the picture.

Most people in crisis don’t know where to turn, so they often turn to a food bank first. Going hungry is usually a short term symptom of something bigger, such as losing a job, domestic abuse, dependency, medical concerns or other issues.

Part of our job is to refer our clients to a network of agencies and organizations. We make thousands of referrals a year. From food stamps to school lunches, educational opportunities to shelters, we help our clients reach the long-term solutions they need.


A temporary crisis can throw a family into a tailspin. Whether impacted by a lost job, an episode of domestic violence, an accident or a sudden illness, it can be difficult to get back on your feet without a little extra support.

We can provide short-term help, often as utility or rent assistance via Issaquah Community Services.

Special Programs

Groceries to Go - Provides weekly grocery deliveries to eligible clients who cannot get to the Issaquah Food & Clothing Bank during regular service hours.

Tools 4 School Backpack Program - We send 1000 local kids to school each year with a new backpack and essential supplies.

Holiday Gift Barn - We work with donors to fill up the Pickering Barn with brand new toys, games, clothing and stocking stuffers so that parents can do a little free shopping for their children.

Birthday Toy Bank - For a parent, the only thing harder than having nothing to feed a child is having nothing for a child’s birthday, so we always keep toys in reserve.

Summer Lunch Program - Provides a week worth of breakfast, lunch and snack foods for school-age kids in our Food Bank service area to take the pressure off parents during the Summer Break when kids are receiving free/reduced school lunch.

Lunch for the Break - Provides a box of food to help parents bridge the gap during long school breaks when children aren't receiving free/reduced school lunch.

Dental Van - Eastridge Church and Sammamish Rotary partner to bring an adult dental van to Eastridge Church every quarter. The Issaquah Food and Clothing Bank Case Manager schedules the dental appointments for the van.