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Resources during COVID-19 Outbreak

Update: Governor Jay Inslee ended the stay at home order. Click here to see the phased reopening of Washington State. King County is in "Phase 2

The State Department of Health issued guidelines that masks be worn in public. We will be enforcing this guideline by asking all staff, volunteers and clients to wear a mask when at IFCB. If you need cloth masks, please ask at IFCB!

The list below is updated as we find additional resources. For any additional resources, questions or support, please call or text our social worker, Rebecca, at 206-395-9149 (cell) or email 2-1-1 is also an excellent resource to find services in your area. 

Updated 7/7/20


Free childcare for essential workers in King County. Click here for the list of essential workers. 

Financial Assistance

*Emergency cash benefits available through DSHS. Apply online or call 877-501-2233 to apply for all programs. **Cash benefits are available to immigrants who are undocumented! No social security number is required to apply**

*Cash assistance for people who are undocumented. Apply here, or click here for all the details. 

*PSE is providing energy assistance to certain customers whose income has been significantly reduced since March 1, 2020. Click here for all the details and program requirements. 

*DSHS offices are closed temporarily, except for scheduled appointments. Food stamp recipients who are not already receiving the maximum benefit will receive additional funds for March and April on their EBT card. Read all the details here

*Are you a restaurant worker? You may be eligible for immediate financial assistance

*PSE will not be disconnecting customers for non-payment during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

*King County has put together of list of resources for COVID-19 specific financial assistance, including information about applying for unemployment

*Governor Jay Inslee extended the eviction moratorium through August 1. No evictions for nonpayment of rent can go forward until August 2 at the earliest. Landlords may not issue 14-day pay or vacate notices for nonpayment of rent.
The moratorium applies to most living situations:

  • Lots/parcels (some motor home owners own the vehicle but lease the lot)
  • Transitional housing
  • Public lands – camping grounds

For advice on how to talk to your landlord about not being able to pay your rent, check out this Seattle Times article


*Issaquah Food & Clothing Bank

Pre-packed food boxes and produce bags distributed every other week with two weeks worth of food. Drive or walk up service only outside the building (179 1st Ave SE). Are you in need of delivery assistance during the COVID-19 outbreak? Please visit our temporary delivery requirements page for more information. 

Summer Lunch 
is every other Friday from noon-4pm. If you have kids in school, come by and get extra breakfast, lunch, snacks and produce!

Food distribution schedule: (please note Groceries to Go will still be delivered every week)



Week of July 6

No shopping hours

July 14 and 16

OPEN Tues./Thurs. 12-4pm
Masks required

Week of July 20

No shopping hours

July 28 and 30

OPEN Tues./Thurs. 12-4pm
Masks required

Week of August 3

No shopping hours

August 11 and 13

OPEN Tues./Thurs. 12-4pm
Masks required

Week of August 17

No shopping hours

August 25 and 27

OPEN Tues./Thurs. 12-4pm
Masks required

*DSHS/Food Stamp Updates

Families with children in grades K-12 who are eligible for free/reduced lunch can receive $399 per child in a one-time additional food stamp benefit! If you already receive food stamps, you will automatically receive this benefit on your EBT card. If you do not already receive food stamps, you will need to apply at If you do not already receive free/reduced lunch, you will need to apply at your school, then apply for food stamps. Click here for a flier with all the details. 

SNAP benefits (food stamps) can be used online! Cash and food benefits can be used online with Walmart and food benefits can be used online with Amazon (and Prime memership is half off for seniors and people who qualify for SNAP)

The Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependents (ABAWD) work requirements have been lifted - if your Food Stamp case was closed for not meeting work requirements, reapply today!

*Issaquah Community Meals (all at Community Hall in downtown Issaquah - 180 E Sunset Way)

Most meals are provided to-go:
Free hot dinner Monday-Saturday from 5-6pm, and Sunday from 4-5pm
Free lunch Thursday from 12-1pm

*Issaquah Senior Center

Weekday to-go lunch from noon-1pm. Suggested donation of $4.50 for 60 and older and $6.50 for under 60, but no payment is required (75 NE Creek Way) 

*Special Grocery Shopping Hours

Many local grocery stores have created special shopping hours for seniors or other people at higher risk from COVID-19. Click here for the full list. 


Free COVID-19 tests, regardless of immigration or insurance status. If you cannot get a COVID-19 test through your regular healthcare provider, you are eligible for a free test. For more information, please call the King County COVID-19 Call Center (information below).

What to do if you believe you have COVID-19 or have been exposed - this link has several local resources as well as national guidelines. 

King County Novel COVID-19 Call Center:
If you are in King County and believe you were exposed to a confirmed case of COVID-19, or if you're a healthcare provider with questions about COVID-19, contact the novel coronavirus call center: 206-477-3977. The call center will be open daily from 8am-7pm.


The eviction moratorium has been extended through August 1, 2020! You cannot be evicted for non-payment of rent (although you will still owe rent), and your landlord should not give you a 14 day pay or vacate notice for non-payment of rent. If you are having trouble with your landlord trying to evict you, make a complaint with the attorney general

Shelter and Quarantine/Isolation Beds

King County has added shelter beds and increased spaces between the bed to allow for safe social distacing. These beds include emergency shelter, quarantine or isolation beds and recovery beds for people who don't need emergency medical care. Most of the shelter spaces are in Seattle, but the quarantine spaces are around the county, including one location in Issaquah. 

If you need help accessing shelter or quarantine/isolation beds, please call the King County hotline 206-477-3977. 

Legal Assistance

Eastside Legal Assistance Program is continuing to serve clients with free legal assistance. 

Here is a list of civil legal resources, including information on unemployment, tenant law, debt, and more.

Here is a list of COVID-19 resources in 40+ languages (links in document).


King County Metro is operating on a reduced schedule with no faresSound Transit is now charging fares