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The Issaquah Food and Clothing Bank (formerly known as Issaquah Valley Community Services) has been serving our community since 1982.

This is our mission:
“The mission of The Issaquah Food and Clothing Bank is to provide basic needs to our community members to promote self-sufficiency.”

Guidestar Nonprofit Report (Including 990 Form Financials)


From the beginning, it’s been about people helping people.

In 1982, a group of compassionate seniors from the Issaquah Valley Senior Center saw that other seniors at the center needed food, so they simply began buying it.

Soon, a program to provide needed food was organized, so successful that it quickly outgrew the Senior Center. With the city’s permission, the program moved to the old School Administration building until 1992.

The clothing bank was started in an old Quonset hut and in portable classrooms at the community center. In the late 80s when these spaces were no longer available, Evergreen Trailer, a local manufacturer, let the clothing bank use three trailers parked on First Avenue.Seeing the need to bring both banks together, the city bought a large truck repair shop, and the food bank staff wrote community block grant proposals for money to remodel it. The Issaquah Food and Clothing Bank pays the City of Issaquah a dollar a year to use the building.

The Issaquah Food & Clothing Bank is led by a Board of Directors.

Board Members

Ruben Nieto – Board Chair
Scott Dahlquist - Vice Chair
Jim Pankanin  – Treasurer
Jean Phillippe-Bagel  – Secretary
Robin Callahan
Kashif Zahoor
Jim Merrill
Sam Metzler
CJ Kahler
Tom Ehlers
Jennifer Valente
Keith Watts
Brent Kokoskin



Cori Walters, Executive Director, cori@issaquahfoodbank.org
John Rittenhouse, Food & Clothing Bank Manager, john@issaquahfoodbank.org
Rebecca Rayner, Program Coordinator / Case manager, rebecca@issaquahfoodbank.org
Pam Saito, Program Assistant,  pam@issaquahfoodbank.org
Susan Randall, Weekend Program Assistant, susan@issaquahfoodbank.org
Becky Boberg, Database Specialist, becky@issaquahfoodbank.org

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